IberCup App Information

The IberCup system is the computerised system being used by the Dallas organisers for the tournament.

The system provides 2 Apps for the tournament:

  1. a Social Media App – accessible by a PIN number which will be emailed to the players registered email address
  2. a general App – with tournament info and live match updates

To use the General App……

Download the IberCup App (the one with the name Filipe Rodrigues under it), and open the app.

Scroll down and choose a tournament (select USA 2017-Apr-12 I 2017-April-16

Click on the Menu at the Top (3 horizontal Bars)

Scroll down and click on Teams

Scroll down and click on Cat S-Girls Born in 2001 – 11v11

Scroll down and click on PRESTON NE01

You will then see our Group Table with the Match Schedules underneath.

When the matches are being played you can click on the LIVE button to get live match updates.

Remember, they will be 6 hours behind us (eg their first match KO at 1:30pm so that is 7:30 pm our time).

ENJOY !!!!